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Vintage **Ultra-Rare Clown Toy w Swappable Parts

Vintage **Ultra-Rare Clown Toy w Swappable Parts

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This is the only one of these I've ever seen and have had no luck in researching. This clown has a rubber body with hard plastic detacheable limbs and head. The colors areawesome and the facial characters are super cool!

No makers mark or identifiable characteristics. 😏If I had to guess I would put the manufacturing date in the 1950s possibly the late 1940's based on the rubber and plastic types as well as the combination and colors. Truly a unique and amazing set! 😍

CONDITION: Vintage in great condition. The rubber body is still soft and pliable with a good amount of color still intact. There is some wear on the paint. The plastic faces and limbs are in fantastic condition with no major flaws like breaks, cracks, chips, or repairs. 

IMPORTANT: I took detailed photos so please review before you purchase.
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