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Mid-Century Japanese Metal Teardrop Vase **Ikebana **Amazing Condition

Mid-Century Japanese Metal Teardrop Vase **Ikebana **Amazing Condition

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This mid-century piece has such an elegant design and beautiful finish. The design can be considered both a teardrop and bud, though I consider the bud shape to be wider at the base. The finish is textured similar to a verdigris encrusted surface, but not overdone. The colors go very well with the patina and it's difficult to make out the metal. I believe it's a thin bronze. Too hard for brass and pot metal, lighter than iron, heavier than aluminium or zinc.

DIMENSIONS: 8 1/2" tall with 3" max diameter on the base.

CONDITION: Excellent condition. No visible flaws such as chips, breaks, cracks, stains, or repairs. Very well made.

IMPORTANT: I took pictures, so please review before your purchase.

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