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1992 Olivia De Berardinis Collectors Cards 3 Foil Packs

1992 Olivia De Berardinis Collectors Cards 3 Foil Packs

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!!! This offer is for 3 sealed packs of 1992 Olivia De Berardinis Collectors Cards. ** Revealed cards in pictures are samples and NOT included.

I am a huge fan of concept and fantasy illustration. As an illustrator for moments in my career I always drew aspiration from 3 main artists of the 70s and 80s. Boris, Frazetta, and Olivia. This set from 1992 has her best works. Her robots are amazing! I'm a sucker for pinups from Elvgren especially and like Vargas too, but not much for straight up nudes. I love the beauty of the female form and Olivia does this very well, so suggestion and mystery are paramount; obviously. 😎 You can never share too much right?! 🤣

CONDITION: This is New Old Stock. Never seen the light of day and about as new and mint as new and mint get without a time machine. The box doesn't appear to be damaged or crushed in any way, so the contents should be pristine.

IMPORTANT: I took pictures so please review before you purchase.
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