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1981 Tron Complete Collection of 66 Cards **No Stickers

1981 Tron Complete Collection of 66 Cards **No Stickers

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A Chintzy Ultra collection of the 1981 Complete set of 66 TRON trading cards by Donruss.

A rare gem of a film! This is an INSTANT COLLECTION for you. The film scared me a bit at first, but the arcade game was awesome! The choices for the sets and costumes are very creative and still hold up. The thought of owning a light cycle got me so reved up all the time and I would totally barrel through the streets with my Big Wheel and Huffy pretending I was at light speed! I guess you had to grow up in the 80s to really appreciate this film and these cards. 🥰 Love these!

CONDITION: Used in excellent condition. Excellent to near mint with clean edges (SEE PHOTOS). The graphics are awesome!

INTERESTING FACT: This collection has the #9 card printed as #6. So there are two unique #6 cards. I always thought it was a misprint, but it could have just been a play on the fact that the movie was a glitch in itself. lol! 😆 

IMPORTANT: Please review the photos carefully before your purchase.
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