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1965 Pablo Ramirez Little Red Riding Hood Picture Book

1965 Pablo Ramirez Little Red Riding Hood Picture Book

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Vintage 1965 Little Red Ridinghood picture book illustrated by Pablo Ramirez. The illustration style in this book is amazing and way ahead of its time. Pablo Ramirez is a new and exciting find for me. As an illustrator myself, the fact that this artist has several popular childrens books from the 60s out there is another reason to hit the streets looking for these awesome finds. The style holds up today and gives these classic stories a fun and modern aesthetic. Love this book!

CONDITION: This book has been colored in, so you know it's been loved. (See the photos!) The cover and spine are in excellent condition.

IMPORTANT: I took photos of most of the colored pages and some not colored on. Overall, this is still a great book with excellent subject matter and illustrations. Do NOT purchase this item if you are looking for a pristine version of this story from this illustrator. DO purchase this, if you like beautiful illustrations and a good storyline.

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