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1950s Perfume Bottle & Travel Case Boudoir Vanity Accessory

1950s Perfume Bottle & Travel Case Boudoir Vanity Accessory

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Vintage 1950s mini-traveling perfume bottle with faux mother of pearl cast resin with threaded flowers and glittered fairy dust. I don't collect perfume bottles or even wear perfume, but I had to have this when I saw it. It really has that 1920s flapper and boudoir vibe to it and I'm a sucker for that every time. I don't believe this to be super rare as I've seen a few other bottles with cases like this, but they mostly have gems and stones on them and look less elegant. This one is sexy for sure.

DIMENSIONS: The case is 1 1/4" square and with the bottle stands just under 2".

CONDITION: Overall like new. The inside is like new and this was obviously taken well care of. The glass bottle look pristine.

IMPORTANT: I took detailed pictures, so please review before your purchase. Skunks NOT included. No skunks were harmed durning this ad.

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