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1950s Lego May Birthday Angel W/Flowers From Japan

1950s Lego May Birthday Angel W/Flowers From Japan

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This is a bit of a cutie! I'm not as familiar with Lego, but couldn't pass this one up, and a few others, when I found them. Her eyes are well done. The hand paint job is pretty natural in color and I think the blonde hair and wings work well together with the pink gift. So adorable and certainly a bit different. If you look closely you can see where these are possibly hand assembled prior to firing. I think that gives it a little extra charm. 😊

CONDITION: Great condition! No major flaws like cracks, stains, or chips. A bit sloppy on the bottom with the glaze.

NOTE: You can see where either the original model or cast pieces were assembled at the shoulder joints. These are in the production of the pieces and not cracks or flaws. Though maybe not the best sculpting job, they still have an original style.

IMPORTANT: I took detailed pictures so please review before your purchase.

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