We can always use more inventory!

We are always out on the road hunting and buying up all those precious memories of yours so you can have them back! ...but this isn't Santa's workshop so we aren't whipping all these pieces up out of snowdust and reindeer dung. We can use all the help we can find!

There is always someone out there that could use a reminder that life is still pretty good and we all have some good memories worth reliving. If you have some of those memories you're willing to part with so others can rediscover their own forgotten moments, we will gladly take them off your hands and get them off to the right person that could really use a jumpstart again.

Here's how it works!

You decide what you can live without and reach out to us. You can use our online form or just email us at support@chintzys.com. Boom! Pretty painless!

What we want to see are clear and detailed photos showing the quality, details, and condition. No need for a powerpoint presentaion or anything fancy; just a good representation of what you have and any additional details we and the new owner might need to know. We'll keep it casual, yet professional.

If you have a desired price, let us know. If you aren't sure, we'll be gentle and fair. Fair also means we need to make a little money here to keep these nostalgic juices flowing. So let us help you simplify and clean up that clutter and help you make a few bucks.

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